Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yes, I Do Go To School

That man is best who sees truth himself;
Good too is he who listens to wise counsel.
But who is neither wise himself nor willing
To ponder wisdom is not worth a straw.
~Hesiod in The Ethics of Aristotle

I am hoping that during my time here at Cambridge I can follow this sage advice from my 18th century philosophy reading. I will be looking closely for truth and listening intently for wise counsel as I delve into my studies! (FYI, all my quotes come from things I have actually read) As may be expected, classes here are the real deal. I am buckling down and hitting the books hard. No more vacation. No more fun... Well, maybe a little fun :)

Kings College Library...
I think I will be spending some time here.

As far as classes, I am taking a class on the literature of the Enlightenment and Romantic eras, mostly philosophy and poetry, and a development economics course. These are enough to keep me busy, but most of my time is spent doing research for my thesis. I am fortunate enough to have a faculty supervisor  who is mentoring me through the researching/writing process, and she is a superstar. She is from South Korea and specializes in issues dealing with business ethics. And she is excited about my project! 

This is the  Cambridge Union Society, where I take most of my classes. It was founded as an outlet for free speech during the more tyrannical period of Cambridge history. Debates are still held in the debating chamber (as well as our plenary lectures), where they have to have a lawyer present at all times in case they take "free speech" too far, and it still houses the governing student body of the university. CUS members have gone on to be some of the most influential members of British politics. Personally, I love the attached coffee shop, which provides quite the cozy place to read and study.


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