Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Small Stuff

Oh there is blessing in this gentle breeze
That blows from the green fields, and from the clouds,
And from the sky:it beats upon my cheek,
And seems half-conscious of the joy it gives.
Oh welcome messenger, oh welcome friend!
'Tis a power
That does not come unrecognized, a storm
Which, breaking upon a long-continued frost,
Brings with it vernal promises, the hope
Of active days, of dignity and thought,
Of prowess in an honourable field
Pure passion, virtue, knowledge, and delight,
The holy life of virtue and of verse.
-William Wordsworth (From The Glad Preamble)
Sometimes all it takes is a gentle breeze to make us realize how blessed this life really is.

Like finding a little "inspiration"at your desk when you least expect it.

Or glancing out the window only to see the most glorious sunset.

I am learning to recognize these quiet revelations.

Bask in these moments of silent brilliance.

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