Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Calling

London calling, yes, I was there, too
An' you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!
London calling at the top of the dial
After all this, won't you give me a smile?
London calling
-The Clash

I think it is only appropriate to quote a little classic rock in reference to my weekend in London. After all, we do owe a lot to the home of The Who, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Spice Girls, and name a few. (The Beatles are actually from Liverpool for those of you that are wondering why I didn't mention them.)

I spent a lovely weekend with some old friends who live in London and my mom who came to visit me this past week. Since we had all already seen the main tourist sites, we didn't stress about hitting everything, but spent our time as leisurely as possible amongst the throngs of tourists. 

We have always loved Westminster Abbey. I remain astounded at the sheer number of really famous dead people all in one place. Naturally, we listened to a little bit of "The Messiah" next to Handel's tomb. I also found that, this time around, I had read many more of the poets in poet's corner. Just in the past month in my first PKP class I had read Johnson, Byron,  Blake, Burns, Coleridge, Goldsmith, Shelley, Keats, and Wordsworth. 

 Big Ben        
In the afternoon, we perused the stalls at Camden Market. These mediterranean lamps really caught my attention, mesmerizing! Carrying on this Ethnic spirit, we hit just about every world food this weekend. That might be an exaggeration, but we tried Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, and, let's not forget, Fish and Chips.

 Reuniting with the Tanner ladies.

The sun finally decided to make an appearance, and we took full advantage of its magnanimous rays, visiting as many of London's parks as we could. Between the rose garden in Hyde Park, a nap in Regent's Park, a stroll through Green Park, and an impromptu concert in St. James Park, I think we discovered the most relaxing and beautiful places in London.

Sunset on the Thames.

 From the London Eye, that was a first!

We found a wedding!

And of course, who can leave without their classic phone booth picture :)

Cheers form London!

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